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Master Masons are invited to attend a special lecture hosted by Barron Barnett Lodge on Wednesday 21 March 2018 7.15pm at the Ann Street Memorial Masonic Centre. 

Travel back in time with Wor Bro Kevin Roberts, formerly of Madang Lodge No 380 UGLQ, as he recalls an important chapter of Australian maritime history when the Burns Philp fleet provided the link between Australia’s eastern seaboard and the myriad Papua New Guinea island ports; an era where Freemasonry held sway in our northern neighbour and aboard the interesting Bulolo, who morphed into a WWII Royal Navy Ship before returning to calmer pursuits.

Families with young children with disabilities on many occasions struggle to cope with the constant care that is required to support the child in their everyday living. The child can become lonely and bored while the family becomes exhausted and despondent.

BestLife Foundation makes it possible for children with disabilities to build a more independent future. With the support of BestLife they can make friends, build networks and become more independent, benefiting from opportunities to be away from home.

A high level of organisation is required and specialised care essential to achieve the desired outcomes. Understandably, it is expensive.

BestLife provides high level away-from-home experiences for children who live with a disability from 6 to 19 years of age. This includes sleepovers in a purpose-built house within the grounds of Mackenzie Special School. The children are overseen by paid education and healthcare professionals. Every effort is made to match the children by age, interests and ability. At the sleepover, the children can play, share meals (which they help prepare), watch a movie, laugh, sleep and interact with others.

Not all children are up to a sleepover so BestLife also offers daytime programs.

In many cases, the children experience their first taste of independence through these expeditions. 

BestLife was founded in 2013 by families of young people living with disability. It’s management is largely run by volunteers. However, money is required to train teachers, healthcare and allied professionals to provide the high-level support needed for the children. Funding is also required to hire the venue, provide food and resource materials, etc.

A lack of government funding in this area severely restricts the number of children who can be accommodated in the various programs and the ability of the programs to operate successfully.

Dunellan Lodge set about fundraising to support BestLife in its programs and believe any assistance that can aid our children with a disability is a valuable and much needed contribution to this specific section of our community. Dunellan Lodge applaud BestLife for the dedication and work it is undertaking to help make a better life for the families and children placed in this situation.

The Lodge raised $600, and with the valuable assistance of Hand Heart Pocket the Charity of Freemasons Queensland dollar-for-dollar scheme, four children with disability were able to be covered by the program from the $1200 contribution.

Dunellan Lodge is proud to be associated with Hand Heart Pocket and BestLife in supporting families and children with disability.

As President of the Australian Medical Association Queensland, Queensland Freemason and columnist for our quarterly magazine, Dr Bill Boyd had a chance meeting.

“I had the privilege of meeting Dr Wylie Gibbons and his wife Erica at a special presentation,” he said. The AMA Queensland presented Dr Gibbons with a bound copy of his impressive scientific work on Gastric hypothermia as a treatment for catastrophic bleeding.

“It happened that Dr Gibbons mentioned Freemasonry in passing and after that we got on extremely well indeed.”

Dr Gibbons wore a Royal Order of Scotland lapel pin. He celebrated his 90th birthday in January.

Looking to do something for their community, Dalby United Lodge No 180 chose to contribute to Karingal Nursing Home. Secretary of the Lodge, Wor Bro David Wheelehen’s wife works at the nursing home, so the lodge asked what they really needed. The Home gave them a list of options, and the Lodge decided two recliner chairs would be most valuable, raising funds through a local cent sale auction and tickets, giving away fun prizes.

The recliners chosen are transportable, with wheels that allow nurses to collect less-mobile residents from their rooms and move them to the common areas. They have special pressure points and a generous amount of foam to help make residents comfortable. The recliners are made in Queensland and while manufacturing took some time, as they are in high demand, the wait was worth it.

With a dollar-for-dollar subsidy from Hand Heart Pocket the Charity of Freemasons Queensland, they were able to present two recliners, valued at $2190 each. Representatives Wor Bro David Wheelehen, Wor Bro Jeffrey Parkes and VW Bro Peter Horn attended the presentation.

The Consecration of Bennu Lodge 538 on 29 October 2016 brought Sunnybank and William McLeod Lodges together. The Lodge was pleased to celebrate their one-year anniversary in October last year. Work continues to strengthen their position in the coming year, with two new candidates in the wind.

As a new Lodge under the UGLQ banner, they are proud of the Bennu Project, what the two combined lodges have achieved as one. They have been delighted that The Gulf Lodge No 539 is now the newest Lodge on the role of the UGLQ, where both Sir William Wallace and Norman Lodges decided to follow the Bennu Lodge model—not just by merging, but by creating a brand new lodge. They will continue with their “traditionally modern” approach to membership and Freemasonry, and continue to grow.


The Bennu Project

The Bennu bird is the mythological Phoenix of Egypt; it is the allegory or archetype of transformation and renewal, of creation and of life. The Bennu is emblematic of the strategy behind this project – creating vibrant and viable Lodges via transformation and renewal. The creation of a life as out of the ashes came Passion, Purpose and Pride.


Freemasons are invited to register and attend the 2018 Grand Installation of Freemasons South Australia & Northern Territory on Friday 20 – Sunday 22 April 2018.

Jenny and I have the pleasure to extend (on behalf of all Freemasons in South Australia and the Northern Territory), our very warm invitation to all Freemasons, their partners, families and friends to join us in celebrating the Grand Installation of RW Bro Dr Neil Jensen as the 35th Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of South Australia and the Northern Territory together with RW Bro Arnie Narayan as Deputy Grand Master and RW Bro Robert Clyne OAM as Assistant Grand Master.

This important event will be held at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre on Saturday 21st April. Please refer to the program guide below for a listing of all associated functions that have been purposely designed to heighten our enjoyment of each other’s company, enrich the ties we have with existing friends and open opportunities for us to make new friends in surroundings that radiate welcome.

We will all look forward to welcoming you and ensuring that your stay with us will leave you with warm and unforgettable memories.

MW Bro Stephen Michalak

Grand Master

To view the programme of events and to register, access the full brochure on their website.

Please be advised the UGLQ business office will close at 1pm on Friday 22nd December and will reopen on Monday 8 January 2018. 

UGLQ – Closes 1pm Friday 22nd December, reopens Monday 8th January 2018

DGLCA – Closes 12.30pm Thursday 14 December, reopens 9.30am Tuesday 16 January

DGLNQ – Closes 18 December 2017, reopens 8 January 2018.

Royal Arch – Closes Tuesday 19 December 3pm, reopens 15 January 2018.

The DGLCA Office will reopen in the New Year at the Freshwater Masonic Centre, 90 Old Smithfield Road, Freshwater. Business hours will be Tuesday and Thursday 9.30am–12.30pm. Their new contact number is 0488 512 712.

We wish you and your families all a very Merry Chistmas and a Happy New Year. 

Ashton Lodge held their installation and on this special occasion, the Grand Master MW Bro Alan Townson presented five-bar Lewis jewels to twins, Bros John and Andrew Casper, as well as a two-bar Lewis jewel to Wor Bro Hamish Kerr. This was a memorable day for Hamish as, at just twenty-five years of age, he was installed as Master. Interestingly, Hamish, John and Andrew are cousins. Mrs Marie Casper, grandmother to John, Andrew and Hamish, flew up from Melbourne for the weekend. 

Ashton Lodge’s installation was a big success with Hamish and officers installed by the attending Grand Lodge team, which consisted of the Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, two Past Grand Masters and fourteen Grand Officers. There were nearly 120 brethren at the ceremony and 160 at the banquet with 17 Masters present. 

Gympie Lodge celebrated its 150-year anniversary (its sesquicentennial!) in October, around the same time we celebrate the 300th anniversary of the United Grand Lodge of England.

An extended version of this article appeared in the Gympie Times on 18 October 2017

Gympie, originally called Nashville, was established in 1867. Just two years after this, the first lodge, Nashville Lodge (now called Pioneer Lodge), was established on 24 March 1869 under the United Grand Lodge of England. The first Master of the lodge was Edward Henry King who was also the first Gympie Goldfield Commissioner. The inaugural meeting was attended by the District Grand Master, Sir Augustus Charles Gregory, Queensland’s first Commissioner for Crown Lands and Surveyor General.

The original lodge building on Duke Street was completed in time for the inaugural meeting of Nashville Lodge in 1869 and still stands today. It is one of Gympie’s oldest surviving buildings from the Gold Rush days. As Freemasonry in Gympie expanded, the premises at Duke Street became too small and in 1901, our current lodge building on Channon Street was built for £1,170 pounds ($172 658 in today’s currency).

Since the establishment of Nashville Lodge (now Pioneer), a number of additional lodges have been formed in Gympie and the surrounding districts. Prince Leopold Lodge was formed in 1885 under the United Grand Lodge of England. This was followed by Lord Dufferin Lodge in 1886 under the Grand Lodge of Ireland. 1894 saw the establishment of Braemar Lodge under the Grand Lodge of Scotland, followed in 1897 by Gympie Lodge (now closed), also under the Grand Lodge of Scotland. Kilkivan Lodge was established in 1901 under the Grand Lodge of England. In 1921, the United Grand Lodge of Queensland was formed and all the existing lodges joined under the banner of the new Grand Lodge. In 1922, Telford Lodge at Imbil was the first local lodge established under the United Grand Lodge of Queensland, followed by Gympie Temperance Lodge (now closed) in 1925. In 1928 Kin Kin Lodge was established, followed by Woolooga Lodge in 1929, Theebine Lodge in 1948 and the youngest lodge, Cooloola, in 1988, which closed in 2014.

The Freemasons have been an active part of the Gympie and District community since their establishment and have assisted many organisations and individuals in the area over the years. In recent times, they have contributed nearly $100 000 to local worthy causes in. Recipients have included:

  •          Sunshine Carriages (part of Riding for the Disabled)
  •          Lions Club Junior Soccer
  •          Road Craft Road Safety Training
  •          The Brain Child Foundation
  •          Little Haven Palliative Care
  •          Gympie Hospital Rehabilitation Department
  •          Life Flight Queensland, and
  •          Little Kids Big Day Out.

In addition, a number of lodges provide ongoing support to their local schools through awards and other donations.

Gold Rush Parade

Gympie and District Freemasons entered a float in the Gold Rush parade which celebrated the discovery of Gold in Gympie in 1867. On 14 October 2017, Freemasons from as far afield as Cooroy, marched in the Gold Rush Parade in full Masonic regalia behind the UGLQ vehicle which was kindly driven by the Grand Secretary, RW Bro Ian Tomlinson. Despite the inclement weather, 26 brethren participated from nine lodges in the Gympie District. Feedback from the community has been so positive and encouraging that the district brethren hope to participate again in 2018.

Gympie Open House

There were approximately 30 attendees at the Open House event with eight members from the public. VW Bro Adan Taylor from Lord Duffering Lodge gave an audio-visual presentation, followed by question and answer session. The presentation was followed by afternoon tea and a chance to mingle and meet attendees.

Open Day concluded a full week of the Lodge’s community engagement which involved participating in the Gympie Gold Rush Festival. We celebrated 150 years since establishment of Gympie and 148 years of Freemasonry in Gympie. A full page article about Freemasonry in Gympie and the Open Day was published in the Gympie Times.

They have already received two nominations for initiation as a direct outcome of the activities, with a third possible to come. 

The Biggenden Masonic Music Group has been running for more than seven years and host a concert in Biggenden at least one night a year to raise funds for local charities. The Group is coordinated by Chris Roberts, past Senior Warden for Biggenden Lodge, who chooses songs and plays the guitar. There are twelve members in the group, four of which are Biggenden Lodge members. They host practices and meetings beneath the Lodge.

This year on 10 June, their concert was held in the Biggenden Memorial Hall and the proceeds were recently distributed. Other members of the Biggenden Masonic Music Group include Wor Bro Brian Ledwidge, Lodge Treasurer, and Wor Bro Allan Williams, Master. Representatives presented two cheques of $200 to Liz Vicary of the Biggenden Hospital Auxiliary and Bundaberg Health Services Foundation manager, and Maria Burnet of Rotary Lodge, Bundaberg.

The local charities were chosen due to the great work that they do in the local community. Biggenden Hospital Auxiliary run the palliative care unit at Biggenden Hospital, surviving on donations which help run the unit. The Rotary Lodge in Bundaberg provides accommodation for patients in the hospital and also rely on donations, as they do not receive government support.

More than 85 people, mostly families and children, attended the concert; a great turnout for Biggenden! 

The Biggenden Masonic Music Group has been running for more than seven years and host a concert in Biggenden at least one night a year to raise funds for local charities. The Group is coordinated by Chris Roberts, past Senior Warden for Biggenden Lodge, who chooses songs and plays the guitar. There are twelve members in the group, four of which are Biggenden Lodge members. They host practices and meetings beneath the Lodge.

This year on 10 June, their concert was held in the Biggenden Memorial Hall and the proceeds were recently distributed. Other members of the Biggenden Masonic Music Group include Wor Bro Brian Ledwidge, Lodge Treasurer, and Wor Bro Allan Williams, Master. Representatives presented two cheques of $200 to Liz Vicary of the Biggenden Hospital Auxiliary and Bundaberg Health Services Foundation manager, and Maria Burnet of Rotary Lodge, Bundaberg.

The local charities were chosen due to the great work that they do in the local community. Biggenden Hospital Auxiliary run the palliative care unit at Biggenden Hospital, surviving on donations which help run the unit. The Rotary Lodge in Bundaberg provides accommodation for patients in the hospital and also rely on donations, as they do not receive government support.

More than 85 people, mostly families and children, attended the concert; a great turnout for Biggenden! 

This year, Fuller Lodge’s Burdekin Barra Rush annual fishing competition weekend was once again a major success despite a cyclone nearby. A variety of estuary fish were caught by both junior and senior competitors ranging from whiting to the sought-after barramundi. Due to the windy conditions, very little offshore fish were caught. 

A very happy Michael Wright won the attractive senior ticket prize, a Quintrex F Series 390 boat powered by a 20HP Yamaha Outboard sitting on a Telwater Trailer. This prize was sponsored by Coral Coast Marine and A & B Rural Supplies of Ayr.

As usual, many kilos of fish were donated by competitors to the Aged Care Homes in  Ayr and Home Hill.

Fuller Lodge members take great pride in arranging this professionally run annual event in the Burdekin which is run in a very professional manner. 

On 30 January 2016, an electrical fault started a fire in the 114-year-old Rosewood Masonic Centre built in 1902.  The fire is believed to have started in or near the kitchen which was part of the 1963 addition to the building.  The Queensland Fire and Emergence Service did not indicate there were any suspicious circumstances.

The supper room was beyond repair and some of the roof trusses were completely burned, so the roof was unsafe in that end of the building.  The Lodge Room by contrast has fared much better.  There was considerable heat, smoke and water damage, mostly near the Senior Warden pedestal and the windows were broken to allow smoke to escape.

Fortunately, the Lodge had insurance. We are pleased to report construction has begun and they anticipate its completion in February 2018. While they tried to retain the original magnificent structure, unfortunately there were too many regulations and the cost was too great.

In the meantime, Rosewood Lodge 120 have been meeting in the Harrisville Masonic Centre owned by Fassifern Kilwinning 83. 

“They welcomed us with open arms,” said Victor Chandler, secretary for Rosewood Lodge. “The brothers Masonically offered to let us meet for free, however we reached a decision to pay a minimal amount of rent.”

Interestingly, the members of Fassifern Kilwinning provided the architectural plans for the building in 1902 and assisted with its construction, so their continued support for Rosewood Lodge is admirable.

“We have received nothing but helpfulness, consideration and kindness,” said Victor.

This year, we were please to once again be a part of Brisbane Open House.

Thank you to those volunteers and visitors who joined us for this special day. We had a great turn out with just over 1100 in attendance. We received lots of great feedback and look forward to next year.

“I just wanted to thank you for opening up your Lodge for visitors during the Brisbane Open House.  I found it fascinating.  I very much respect how you conducted the visits, and how open you were to showing us what you do and to answering all of our questions,” – Cassie.

Pictured: Job’s Daughter display at Brisbane Open House, Masonic Memorial Centre Ann Street.

Last month, the first annual classic car rally was organised to support country lodges.

Over $700 was raised to assist the Lowood Lodge brethren with their temple restoration project. The rally consisted of a Lexus, Land Cruiser, an MGB, a 1957 MGA a Morgan, a BMW Z3, a triumph motorcycle and a classic kombi. Brethren drove from the Kedron Masonic Centre to the Caboolture Masonic Centre, Woodford Lodge, then Hopetoun Lodge for morning tea.

They then journeyed to Esk and Toolgoolawah before heading into Lowood where they were met by members of Lowood who organised a sausage sizzle, garage sale and a whiskey tasting.

 The Spring Quarterly Communication raffle raised over $6700 for Mrs Robyn Townson’s charity of choice, the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital Foundation. Thank you to all participants whose contributions are much appreciated in raising funds for this worthy cause.

Congratulations to Bro John Gray from Athole Lodge and Mim Sinclair who won first and second place in the Spring Quarterly Communication raffle.

During the September Quarterly Communication in Bundaberg, a ladies afternoon high tea was held in the Bundaberg Civic Centre for the wives and partners of brethren. At this event, Mrs Lynne Lindsay and Mrs Patty Dexter, on behalf of Tyrian, Mulgrave, Athole, Ballantyne and Bundaberg Lodges, presented a $1000 cheque to Mrs Robyn Townson for her charity of choice, the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital Foundation.

Beaudesert Lodge 379 represented UGLQ at the Beaudesert Show on 8 and 9 September to fundraise for charity and showcase their involvement in the local community.

The show was a fantastic event with many people popping by to ask about Freemasonry or to mention their father or grandfather had been a Freemason. Without doubt, the trailer, coupled with the lodge’s regalia-printed aprons stood out and reinforced their place in the community.

The main team consisted of Bro Nigel Booker, Bro Shaun Winson and Bro Wayne Lupnow, and with help from Wor Bro Michael McPhail and Bro Sean Redding, they sold 350 bacon and egg rolls, raising $1100 for charity.

The Lodge would like to especially thank Miss Storm Lupnow who dedicated her Friday evening and Saturday morning to help.

“We are very pleased to say that we have been asked back again next year,” said Nigel. 

On Saturday 21 October 2017, United Tradesmen’s Lodge will host their unique annual “dine in the dark” event in Ipswich. Guests are invited to enjoy a meal … blindfolded!

Tickets include a fun two-course dinner, entertainment, and live auctions and raffles.

Proceeds will contribute to Guide Dogs Queensland helping to provide Guide Dogs and other mobility and support services to blind and vision impaired children and adults in Queensland.

Tickets are available for $40 with all proceeds contributing to Guide Dogs Queensland.

See the flyer for more information.

For bookings, complete and submit the booking form to unitedtradesmenssecretary@gmail.com, or book online.

For additional information, contact:

Jim Williams 0428 874 911

Ian Brown 0431 034 852

Thursday 17 August 2017, on the eve of the Battle of Long Tan, Beaudesert Lodge No 379 hosted a memorial dinner for 60 members of the community.

Beaudesert Lodge is incredibly proud of their veteran members. They pride themselves on being valuable members of the community and their veteran members have shown a level of commitment to their communities and countries second to none. Their veterans may not be the ANZACs referred to in the tales of Gallipoli, but they stood up when their countries needed them in all conflicts in living memory. For that reason, they were honoured at a Long Tan Memorial Dinner held at The Centre, Beaudesert.

After welcome drinks and canapés, Captain Owen Sulistio, a serving Army Officer in the ADF accompanied by his drummer, piped through the guests to dinner. Once grace and the welcome address was delivered, Bro. Shaun Winson presented the tribute of the Fallen Soldier Table, followed by VW Bro Jim Ritchie PAGSW, Worshipful Master of Beaudesert Lodge, giving the Ode and Freddy Fenton playing the Last Post on the bugle.

The Lodge had organised a surprise presentation for three of the guests; RW Bro David Cowan PGSW, VW Bro Jim Ritchie PAGS) and Wor Bro Dennis Lutton, all whom are Vietnam Veterans. Barbara and Bill Kenney travelled from Boonah to represent Quilts of Valour and to present the three veterans with quilts in recognition for their service. Quilts of Valour Australia’s mission is to present quilts to service members and veterans of the Australian Defence Force ADF in recognition of their sacrifice for Australia while deployed on combat operations. The recognition is also extended to the families of soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice. The quilt is a powerful gift of love. It brings warmth, comfort, peace and healing to the recipient.

During the delicious dinner, the pipes and drums played an enjoyable medley, which ended with Jim Ritchie giving the toast to the piper. The whole team at Beaudesert Lodge organised an incredibly enjoyable evening, which successfully raised $820 for Camp Quality, a charity that diligently works to create a better life for children living with cancer. The donation will assist Lodge Junior Warden, Bro Ed Orszulak, a serving Major of the ADF and veteran of East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan, towards his personal fundraising target of $4000 for the charity.  

On Friday 19 May 2017, RW Bro Chris Tollner PAGM from Rockhampton was granted the privilege of initiating his two grandsons, William & Henry Tollner in Darwin Lodge of Remembrance in accordance with the South Australia and Northern Territory ritual.

The boys’ father, Wor Bro David Tollner, who is the Master Darwin Lodge of Remembrance, took over as Junior Deacon and conducted his sons, together with a friend of the family, RW Bro Neil Jensen PAGM who acted as Senior Deacon. William’s Godfather, Bro Steven Doherty, acted as Inner Guard.

Wor Bro David Tollner also delivered the lecture on the Tracing Board and impressed his audience of seven entered apprentices – five apprentices from other Darwin Lodges had joined the two candidates around the Tracing Board.  

More than forty brethren were in attendance, including a North Territory Grand Lodge team, led by VW Bro John Matthews, the Grand Superintendent for Darwin, three visiting Masters and visitors from as far south as Alice Springs and many places between. Darwin Lodge of Remembrance will long remember this memorable event.

As a visitor from Queensland, Chris was very impressed. Since that night, David had the opportunity to reflect on the meeting with brothers William and Henry. They were impressed by the ritual presentation and overwhelmed by the cordial atmosphere of the meeting. They are very much looking forward to their next degree.

You are invited to a rare event hosted by Thespian Lodge UGLQ and Thespian Lodge UGLNSW where they will raise two entered apprentices to the second degree.

Come for a night of entertainment and delicious catering on Saturday 9 December at the Stones Corner Masonic Centre. 

See the lodge flyer for more details and bookings


Gympie District Lodges are hosting an open day this Sunday 22 October at 37 Channon Street, Gympie. 

Take a peak inside the Lodge building build in 1901 and be treated to an afternoon tea and refreshments.

Partners and family welcome. 


Freemasons Victoria invite you to attend their 2018 Grand Installation in Melbourne, Victoria.

This event will be held on the weekend of Friday 6 – Sunday 8 April 2018. An early bird discount offer on registrations is available until Thursday 30 November 2017.

On behalf of Freemasons Victoria, I take great delight in inviting you to join us for the 2018 Grand Installation of Deputy Grand Master, Bro Keith Murray as Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Victoria,” – MW Bro Donald Reynolds.

For more information, see the installation booklet. To register, download and complete the registration form and reserve your accommodation.

It is with pleasure that we extend an invitation to you for the upcoming Formal Opening of the Jurisdictional Guardian Council on Friday 22 September at Stones Corner Masonic Centre, 17 Cleveland Street, Stones Corner at 6pm for a 7pm start.

 As this is a formal occasion, please wear formal wear, full regalia, robes, capes & crowns.



The installation of the Jurisdictional Guardian Council will be held on Sunday 24 September at the Stones Corner Masonic Centre at 10am. Please submit RSVPs to this event to Olivia at aoascjafferius@gmail.com

North Australia Lodge No 1, Northgate Remembrance Lodge No 285 and AIF Memorial Lodge No 289 cordially invite all Freemasons, soldiers, family and friends to celebrate a Gathering of Soldier Freemasons held on the Battlefield of France 100 years ago on Sunday 17 September 2017, 3pm at the Masonic Memorial Centre, Ann Street, Brisbane.

For more information, view the invitation.

To RSVP, please contact Carl Emmett North Australian Lodge Secretary at carlemmett@live.com.au by 7 September 2017 with numbers for attendance. Dress: smart casual.

Members, family and friends are cordially invited to the Battle of Long Tan Memorial Dinner, hosted by Beaudesert Lodge at the Beaudesert Civic Centre on Thursday 17 August. 

The Lodge commemorates the service personnel who served in the Vietnam War and all conflicts around the world, past and present. 

For further details and to register, please complete the registration form and submit it to beaudesert379@gmail.com. 

We extend to Queensland Freemasons and their partners and ladies a cordial invitation to attend the September Quarterly Communication and associated ladies’ afternoon tea in Bundaberg from 2-3 September.

On Saturday 3 September, the events will consist of a Ladies’ High Tea at the Bundaberg Civic Centre from 3.00pm-5.00pm, and the Quarterly Communications at the Anglican Parish Hall at 3.30pm, followed by predinner drinks and dinner at 6.00pm at the Bundaberg Civic Centre. On Sunday 3 September, there will be a farewell barbeque breakfast from 8.00 – 10.00am.

If you wish to attend, please download and complete the registration form, then save and return it to membership@uglq.org.au by Friday 18 August 2017.

We extend to Queensland Freemasons and their partners and ladies a cordial invitation to attend the Grand Proclamation, Winter Quarterly Communication and associated ladies’ afternoon tea at the Masonic Memorial Centre, 311 Ann Street, Brisbane on Saturday 1 July 2017.

The ceremony will consist of the proclamation of our current Grand Master Most Worshipful Brother Alan Maurice Townson and our Deputy Grand Master Right Worshipful Brother Paul Andrew Holland, and the investiture of our new Assistant Grand Master Right Worshipful Brother Christopher Leonard Pyke and Grand Officers.

If you wish to attend the Grand Proclamation banquet, please download and complete the registration form, then save and return it to membership@uglq.org.au by Friday 16 June 2017.


Combined Winter Quarterly Communication

This year, the Winter Quarterly Communication will be held prior to the Grand Proclamation from 1–3pm on Saturday 1 July.


Ladies’ afternoon tea

A ladies’ afternoon tea will be held in the Lavarack Room from 1–3pm during the Quarterly Communication.

Ladies are invited to attend the open Grand Proclamation ceremony from 3pm onwards.

As part of their 60th anniversary celebrations to mark sixty years of the Scarborough Masonic Centre, Redcliffe First Settlement Lodge have teamed up with Guide Dogs Australia and will be holding a dining in the dark event on Saturday 27 May.

Following on from the success of Dine in the Dark at the Ipswich Masonic Centre, hosted by United Tradesmen’s Lodge, and with the blessing and support of United Tradesmen’s lodge secretary Wor Bro Ian Brown, plans swiftly got underway.

Come along for a fun filled evening and experience.

The cost per person is $40 or you can purchase a table of six for $240.

There will be a silent auction and other entertainment.

If you would like a ticket or a table for you or your business, please contact Bro Chris Brown 0423 783 340.

On Tuesday 25 April, Freemasons Queensland commemorated ANZAC Day, hosting a wreath-laying service in the morning, and an evening ceremony.

At the morning ceremony, lodge representatives gathered to pay their respects and lay wreaths at the Masonic Memorial Urn at Ann Street. The ceremony was followed by a procession to The Eternal Flame at Anzac Square where MW Bro Alan Townson laid a wreath.

The night ceremony was open to the public and featured guest speaker MAJGEN Retd Prof Darryl Low Choy AM MBE RFD. In attendance were representatives from government, scouts Queensland, the girl guides of Queensland, the State Chairman of the RSL, the Country Women’s Association and cadets from TS Paluma.

Lest we forget.