01 October 2017

Supporting the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital Foundation

 The Spring Quarterly Communication raffle raised over $6700 for Mrs Robyn Townson’s charity of choice, the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital Foundation. Thank you to all participants whose contributions are much appreciated in raising funds for this worthy cause.

Congratulations to Bro John Gray from Athole Lodge and Mim Sinclair who won first and second place in the Spring Quarterly Communication raffle.

During the September Quarterly Communication in Bundaberg, a ladies afternoon high tea was held in the Bundaberg Civic Centre for the wives and partners of brethren. At this event, Mrs Lynne Lindsay and Mrs Patty Dexter, on behalf of Tyrian, Mulgrave, Athole, Ballantyne and Bundaberg Lodges, presented a $1000 cheque to Mrs Robyn Townson for her charity of choice, the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital Foundation.