17 August 2017

A captivating presentation at Mulgrave Lodge

Four days after celebrating his 99th birthday, RW Bro Herb Woodward delivered a presentation entitled “The Traditional History” at Mulgrave Lodge No 44 in Bundaberg.  

This was a great achievement for a man of this age, but what made it more wonderful was that this excellent rendition was delivered without prompts or hesitation. Herb held everyone’s attention and respect during the charge.

Incredibly, Mulgrave Lodge is Herb’s mother lodge, and remains the only lodge he has been a member of for over 65 years. During this time, he has served in the Chair three times and has been conferred Past Senior Grand Deacon, Past Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies and Past Junior Grand Warden.

Herb still attends lodge meetings regularly. “He’s passionate about lodge and is proud to have introduced the Irish working ritual back into the Lodge, which was approved last year,” said lodge secretary Wor Bro Bob Rechenberg. “He’s a wonderful bloke and is held in high regard in the Lodge and the Bundaberg region.”