06 January 2018

Bennu Lodge celebrates one-year anniversary

The Consecration of Bennu Lodge 538 on 29 October 2016 brought Sunnybank and William McLeod Lodges together. The Lodge was pleased to celebrate their one-year anniversary in October last year. Work continues to strengthen their position in the coming year, with two new candidates in the wind.

As a new Lodge under the UGLQ banner, they are proud of the Bennu Project, what the two combined lodges have achieved as one. They have been delighted that The Gulf Lodge No 539 is now the newest Lodge on the role of the UGLQ, where both Sir William Wallace and Norman Lodges decided to follow the Bennu Lodge model—not just by merging, but by creating a brand new lodge. They will continue with their “traditionally modern” approach to membership and Freemasonry, and continue to grow.


The Bennu Project

The Bennu bird is the mythological Phoenix of Egypt; it is the allegory or archetype of transformation and renewal, of creation and of life. The Bennu is emblematic of the strategy behind this project – creating vibrant and viable Lodges via transformation and renewal. The creation of a life as out of the ashes came Passion, Purpose and Pride.