Becoming a Freemason

Freemasons Queensland warmly welcomes adult men of all ages, races, religions, cultures and backgrounds. We are keen to encourage the next generation of Freemasons who will help take the organisation and its valuable traditions into the future.

Who can join?

Before you are invited to join we will want to know a little more about you and you will need to confirm your suitability as an honest, law-abiding man of good character.

You must be over 18 and must affirm your belief in a Supreme Being.

You should never be coerced or pressured into joining but a Freemason may nominate you. If you do not know any Freemasons to nominate you, simply fill in our ‘Start a conversation about becoming a Freemason’ form to be considered.

Joining requirements

Please be advised National Police Checks are mandatory and must be supplied by all joiners. You can attain a National Police Check at any one of the following providers:

Australia Post
National Crime Check
Queensland Police
Police Check Express
CV Check
Queensland Government

We do not favour any provider, any of the above are acceptable. Select “volunteer”, as some providers offer discounted rates. 

The process of becoming a Freemason

What will be expected of me?


Attending a Lodge meeting once a month for a few hours, usually in the evening. Many Freemasons also choose to give additional time to fundraising or volunteering initiatives run by
their Lodge.

Code of conduct

Conforming to a code of integrity, dignity and responsible behaviour.

Annual fees

Paying a joining fee and ongoing annual fees, which help cover our costs. These are reasonable fees and are within comfortable reach of most people.


Keeping certain rituals and matters confidential. Please be assured there is nothing in our ceremonies that is unethical or improper. This would be totally against our own moral code.