Values for today

Freemasonry has always stood for fairness, tolerance, non-discrimination, inclusiveness, self-improvement, giving to others and supporting the less fortunate in society.

Freemasons act in a way that is honest, ethical, law-abiding and sets a good example.

Although our traditions and symbols date back centuries, the values they represent are timeless ones that transcend religious or political differences. We believe they are as relevant today as they have ever been.

We are not a religion and we encourage members to follow their own diverse faiths. In fact, discussing religion and politics is forbidden in Lodges. Long ago Freemasons realised that these topics are the source of some of the greatest divisions and disharmony between men and so we focus on areas of harmony rather than disagreement.

To become a Freemason, a man must be ‘of good character’ and acknowledge a Supreme Being, whatever name he calls it by.