Welcome to Endeavour No. 26H

21 Harthill Street, Edmonton QLD 4869

21 Harthill Street, Edmonton QLD 4869
Lodge Secretary

Lyndon Brandt



Freemasonry philosophy

Freemasonry opens the door to men of good character from all walks of life and from diverse religions. You’ll always find a friendly welcome – we’re ordinary men developing our potential, supporting each other and working for good in the community. Learn more

Character of our Lodge

Endeavour Lodge has a travelling warrant which means it can travel and is not limited to the Edmonton Masonic Centre.  The Lodge travels to Cooktown, its birthplace, at least once a year to hold a meeting and remember the origins of the Lodge founded 141 year ago. 

Lodge events

Endeavour Lodge is a positive and forward thinking Lodge, keen to involve and include the whole family within Freemasonry.  We are a social lodge and encourage family participation in all events.   Should you wish to find out more please contact the Lodge Secretary. 

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Our history

Freemasonry was brought to Australia by the first European settlers, indeed the botanist Joseph Banks from Cook's Endeavour was the first Freemason to set foot on Australia. Endeavour Lodge was founded in Cooktown in 1875 making it one of the oldest lodges in Queensland.  

In 1988 Endeavour Lodge moved from Cooktown to Cairns.  We now share the temple at Edmonton with other Lodges but annually conduct a visit to Cooktown to hold a Masonic meeting there, to embrace the wide geographic diversity of Freemasonry. 

Lodge Meetings

Freemasons are a diverse group of men from all walks of life, from many religions and many backgrounds. Becoming a Freemason is a commitment to develop your own potential, to values that see all humankind as equal, and to helping others in our community.