01 March 2017

Queensland Freemason completes Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race 2016

Each year, technological advances uphold the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race’s reputation as the most challenging and prestigious ocean race in the world. Last year was no different.  

On Boxing Day, navigator and yachtie Bro Damon Fealy and a crew of 12 others set out to complete the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race 2016 on Extasea, pronounced “Ecs-ta-sea”, a Mills Design DK46 IRC Racer.

As the boat’s navigator, Damon was responsible for ensuring the best position of the boat to take advantage of wind and current, getting it from point to point as fast as possible.

“Words can’t describe what completing a Sydney to Hobart feels like,” said Damon. “But finishing it with my good mate who has had three other starts but only one finish drives home how hard this thing is, and how awesome it is when you share it with mates.”

Damon is a Senior Warden for North Australia Lodge No 1, a member of the General Board of Directors, the Membership and Marketing Committee and the Property Committee for UGLQ.  

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