Welcome to Sunnybank No. 264

17 Cleveland St, Greenslopes QLD 4120, Australia

17 Cleveland St, Greenslopes QLD 4120, Australia
Lodge Secretary

Ian Milne



Freemasonry philosophy

Freemasonry opens the door to men of good character from all walks of life and from diverse religions. You’ll always find a friendly welcome – we’re ordinary men developing our potential, supporting each other and working for good in the community. Learn more

Character of our Lodge

Originally a dynamic lodge meeting in the suburb of Sunnybank, it membership was drawn from the local area. Retirement, family transfers and movement around Brisbane has seen the diversification of the membership outside of the Sunnybank locale. The lodge still recognises its original roots in the suburbs but now provides the opportunity for membership that finds a weekend evening suitable to their needs. 

Lodge events

The April meeting is special to the members and it acknowledges the significance of ANZAC Day and at the same meeting, pays tribute to those lodge members who pass away in the preceding twelve months. The Masonic Youth Orders play a part in this special meeting which is open to family and friends.

Our history

Members of Commercial Travellers Lodge and Griffith Lodge have joined Sunnybank Lodge over the years when their respective Lodges were closed and there is a good number of members that come from a Corrective Services background.

Freemasons are a diverse group of men from all walks of life, from many religions and many backgrounds. Becoming a Freemason is a commitment to develop your own potential, to values that see all humankind as equal, and to helping others in our community.